I attended the thought-provoking Warren Centre Vision30 lectures last week. We spent the whole day considering what the key drivers would be for innovation over the next 30 years. So, I thought I'd share some of the key themes with you:

  1. Experiences trump products - a memorable event is a combination of goods and a service
  2. Personalisation - information and services tailored to individual needs
  3. Timeframes matter - faster cycles times - getting it out there, getting feedback and adapting
  4. Food scarcity - population growth fueling innovation in global food supply-chains
  5. Team Australia - we are well placed to to excel in the 21st century
  6. Innovation ecosystems - fostering a community that share ideas, tools, learning and access to funding
  7. the Correct Metrics - moving away from GDP and towards something more indicative of our future goals
  8. Analytics and Big Data - data fusion - globally sourced, locally distilled information building riding on the back of the Internet of Things
  9. It will be the "era of the trusted guide" - people do not want to continually make decisions and will seek aggregation, editorial and consultative assistance.

Certainly food for thought...and for action...

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AuthorTrevor Lindars