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Results that Matter

Learn how to deliver results that matter by gaining clarity and focus, reducing risk and driving execution in a way that creates lasting benefits.

It is widely reported that more that 50% of projects, programs and change initiatives fail to deliver on their intent. This book will help you avoid that trap.



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Front Matter

  • About the Author
  • Introduction (the Context)
  • Problem and Barriers
  • Solution (the Framework)

Simply Put - a Summary of Key Points

What you need to know 'in a nutshell'

1 - Orientation

Know why you're doing it, what you're trying to accomplish and how you plan to succeed.

  • the Imperative
  • the Game
  • the Win

2 - Envision

Elaborate the need and conceptualise possible solutions. Prioritise what matters most and crystalise a blueprint of the future.

  • the Desires
  • the Priorities
  • the Vision

3 - Reframe

Elaborate the solution, examine the capability gap and reframe what's possible to create an initial map for the journey (it's a map not a promise!).

  • the Solution
  • the Gap
  • the Map

4 - Establish

Set yourself up for success by establishing the key components that will underpin the delivery.

  • People
  • Infrastructure (Physical & Financial)
  • Systems

5 - Deliver

Drive execution in a manner that concentrates on what is important, has high levels of engagement and adapts to what is learnt along the way.

  • Focus
  • Engagement 1
  • Adaptation

6 - Evolve

Ensure the end-user is able take the new capability and realise the intended benefits.

  • Engagement 2
  • Transition
  • Support Ecosystem 1

7 - Sustain

Ensure the benefits stick and improve over time.

  • Accountability
  • Performance
  • Support Ecosystem 2

End Matter

  • Pareto's Shortcut (question-based summary)
  • Try it on for size
    • Business
    • Team
    • Individual
  • Glossary of Key Terms
  • References & Bibliography
  • Useful Links

Disclaimer: - since this book is a 'work in progress' the details above are subject to change without notice.